Coronavirus (COVID-19) Patient Update:

Given the current situation regarding Coronavirus, the Practice has made the difficult decision to limit the number of patient’s attending the Surgery.
With immediate effect the following will apply:

  • Any person who believes that they may have contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19) or have been in contact with someone who has Coronavirus (COVID-19) MUST phone 111 and MUST NOT ENTER the Surgery.
  • The Practice will be placing a greater emphasis on telephone triaging patients as opposed to the current process of booking face to face appointments. Face to face appointments will still be available but will, in the main, be at the discretion of the GP. When contacted, patients MUST tell us if they have any symptoms suggestive of COVID19 including; sore throat, fever, cough or flu-like symptoms even if they would like to attend the GP practice for an unrelated problem or issue. The Practice also has the facility to use video consulting which will be used on an ‘as required’ basis
  • Patients who walk in to the Surgery to ask for an appointment will be asked to leave and contact us by phone.
  • Patients who require a home visit are still required to call the Surgery. The Practice policy for home visits remains unchanged. Therefore, before any GP visit the relevant GP will phone the patient.
  • Attending the Practice for the renewal of medications will be stopped. Patient’s wishing to renew their repeat medications should make their request via our e-mail address ( ) . Please note that we require 48 hours to process the routine requests. Patients can also request their medications via their chosen pharmacy. Patients who have not signed up for electronic prescribing are strongly advised to do so. This can be done by asking their Pharmacy to do this on their behalf or by phoning the Surgery where a member of staff will do this for you.
  • Anyone intending to collect prescriptions, sick certificates or any other item, who has symptoms of COVID19 or has had contact with a suspected case of COVID19 MUST NOT enter the Surgery.
  • Individuals wishing to register as patients should do this via the Practice website ( )

The Practice fully recognises that making this decision will undoubtedly cause some level of inconvenience to our patients and would like to apologise for this. The Practice does, however, believe that by making this decision the risk of Clinicians, staff and patients contracting this virus will be greatly reduced and will ensure that the Practice will remain operational.

The Practice would like to thank our patients for their understanding in these exceptional circumstances.